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 Remove unwanted tattoos with the powerful Fotona Q-Switched Laser 


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Find out why we are the specialists in non-surgical face lift procedures



The Cosmetic Medical Clinic in Sydney is one of Australia’s leading practices for the treatment of dermatological skin conditions and the effects of ageing. We aim to provide the highest patient satisfaction through the use of the latest techniques and the most advanced technologies in a professional and relaxed clinical environment.

Fotona Q-Switch – FRAC 3 Skin Rejuvenation and Pigmentation

The Q-Switch FRAC 3 Skin Rejuvenation procedure is ideal for patients who wish to experience incredible results and have no downtime. This procedure can be used to treat large pores, blackheads, reduction of facial hair, uneven pigmentation and the removal of sunspots, as well as pimples and inflammatory acne. This is the new benchmark in non-ablative laser skin procedures and is a fantastic way to maintain tighter and clearer skin, for more information regarding FRAC3 Skin Rejuvenation and pigmentation, please visit: FRAC3 Skin Rejuvenation Treatment

Tattoo Removal – Combined Procedures

The Cosmetic Medical Clinic offers the combined laser tattoo removal procedures that uses the Q-Switch and EXEL02 Co2 laser. The Combined procedures of the Q-Switch and Co2 are the safest and most dynamic systems in the world. The Q-Switch system removes tattoos by breaking the ink into smaller particles which are able to be removed by the body’s immune system, the Co2 laser is German engineered technology and is recognised as the gold standard of carbon dioxide lasers as it is able to remove the ink located on the surface of the skin. Furthermore, this combined procedure also allows a series of benefits that include the reduction of pain level, a faster healing rate and removal of ink, no blisters, and finally a reduced number of treatments required. For more information on Tattoo Removal procedures at the Sydney Cosmetic Medical Clinic, visit: Laser Tattoo Removal

Ultherapy – Skin Tightening Procedure  

At the Cosmetic Medical Clinic, we are pleased to have been the first clinic since 2009 to be registered to offer the Ultherapy non-invasive and non-surgical face-lift procedure in Sydney and Australia wide. The Ultherapy procedure uses medical ultrasound technology to counteract and correct the effects of time and gravity upon the skin, firmer, and more youthful appearance after just one treatment with no downtime. Furthermore, this procedure allows a reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles, lifting of the brow line to reduce the droopiness around the eyes, lifting of sagging skin on the cheeks, improvement in the folds of the nose-to-mouth and mouth-to-jaw regions, a more defined jaw line and neck lift, smoothing of crows feet and a more open look in the eye region, and finally improvement in skin texture and tone. For more information regarding the Ultherapy non-surgical face-lift procedure at the Sydney Cosmetic Medical Clinic, visit: Ultherapy Non-Surgical Facelift

LED Light Therapy  

LED Light Therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses light diodes to assist with the body’s healing process. This procedure also comes with a series of other benefits that include: reducing redness and boosting the body’s cellular recovery through relieving pain,and assisting with skin rejuvenation. This therapeutic procedure allows patients to relax post-treatment without any pain or discomfort whilst also providing no downtime at all. For more information on the LED Light Therapy Procedures at the Sydney Cosmetic Medical Clinic, visit: LED Light Therapy

Vascular Laser Procedure  – IDAS 

The versatile IDAS system quickly and safely removes many superficial pigment and vascular skin changes in the face and on the body. This procedure also removes red vessels and spider veins, rosacea, hemangioma, and pigmented lesions. For further information about the IDAS Vascular Procedure at Sydney’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic, visit: Vascular Laser Procedure – IDAS

Thermage CPT – Skin Tightening Procedure 

The Thermage CPT is a non-invasive procedure that assists in the tightening and contouring of an individual’s skin in one treatment without the use of surgical intervention or anaesthesia whilst also providing little-to-no-downtime. This procedure is able to contour and tighten skin, soften wrinkles, and provide a youthful appearance. For more information about Thermage Sydney skin Tightening procedure, please visit Thermage CPT Non-Surgical Face Lift 


EXEL02 Co2-Fractional Skin Resurfacing 

The EXEL02 Co2 Fractional Skin Resurfacing procedure is used for visible skin correction. This procedure is German engineered, making it a safer, dependable and more efficient laser. It is able to tighten skin, improve scars and stretch marks, repair sun damaged skin, reduce age spots, blemishes and large pores, blend uneven skin tone, and treat melasma and syringoma. For more information about the EXEL02 Co2 procedure at the Sydney Cosmetic Medical Clinic, visit: EXELo2 Co2-Fractional Skin Resurfacing


EXELO2 Co2 – Full Ablative Lesion Removal  

The EXEL02 Co2 Full Ablation Mode can be used to remove superficial benign skin changes across the surface. This German engineered technology makes it  safer, dependable and very efficient. The procedure can be used to treat sun damaged skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, poor skin tone, open pores, uneven skin tone, warts, benign skin tumours, and rhinophyma. For more information about the EXEL02 Co2-Full Ablative Lesion Removal at the Sydney Cosmetic Medical Clinic, visit: EXELO2 Co2 Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing