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Bella’s interesting testimonial:

I had been suffering from acne for all of my life, I am a mother of a beautiful girl, I exercise, eat well and do everything I can to live a healthy life but my skin would argue otherwise. This condition not only made my skin look horrible but as anyone who’s ever suffered from acne would tell you, also effected my self esteem and social life. After seeing several Dermatologist who each prescribed Roaccutane and told me that it was the only thing that would help, I started to feel a huge amount of despair for what my appearance would be in the foreseeable future without this drug, let alone the side effects that I would have to endure whilst being on it. I wanted to hide. 

In 2012 I decided to opt away from taking Roaccutane, and it was the best decision of my life. I decided to trust my skin to Jenner at the Cosmetic Medical Clinic who quickly provided many options for looking after my acne prone skin which did not require harmful medications. I was never told by a single dermatologist that Laser treatments would be able to help with my acne problem, though I was very keen to give it a go.

I began with a series of Fractional Skin Resurfacing treatments as well as other laser treatments which focused on treating inflammation and the bacteria causing my acne. Within weeks I regained the hope that I once had of clear skin, it didn’t need to be perfect, I just wanted to deal with my acne and not have to hide it under layers and layers of make up.

Several months after meeting Jenner, a regular schedule of treatments and plenty of advice later my skin had never looked or felt as good. I felt a renewed confidence building within and life had never been better. I no longer had painful pimples on my face, the Fractional Skin Resurfacing had taken away all my previous acne scarring and my skin texture felt beautiful. I had begun the process of changing my life for the better but I didn’t know to what extent! Within months I had started on the path to be a Real Estate agent, I left the past behind me and realised that it was my skin that stopped me from doing what I really wanted. 

I look back now on what I was going through, I didn’t necessarily feel too bad about myself, but I didn’t realise how good I could feel, let alone look. I never wear any make up except for mascara and lippy and I feel that my life has changed in so many positive ways thanks to the help and support of this wonderful woman. 

Jenner will always be remembered for the change she has inspired in my life, and though I do not need to see her as often, through her advice and expertise, she will always remain a friend and I will continue to visit her until the day she decides to retire. I hope that day never comes!