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16th Jun


Acne and Acne Scarring-Born Again

The teenage years are supposed to be some of the best in a person’s life, spending time with friends and family, endless freedom, and thinking about what you would like to do with the rest of your life,but all that can be clouded through years of acne breakouts………that’s what happened to Ben. 

Ben awoke from his slumber, rubbing his tired eyes before walking into the bathroom. He looked in the mirror, almost falling over in awe. His face had broken out in a large amount of acne, the pustule slowly oozing out of the pimple on his chin and the layer of oil coating the skin on his cheek would frighten anybody. This was strange, he had broken out since he was fourteen, but nothing compared to this. Tom knew that this would not subside with the facial cleanser he had been using,  he visited a number of specialists who would be able to treat his condition, but found that they did not have the right method. But after visiting CMC, his skin is now healthier and cleaner . 

Acne effects many individuals during puberty, if this acne is left untreated, it will leave behind scarring on the face.




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