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16th Aug


Blog – Port Wine Stain

It takes extreme courage for an individual with a skin condition to stand up, but it is absolutely fearless when an individual stands up in front of a nation to tell the story of their skin condition. 

Chloe Towney admitted to suffering years of discomfort and eventually dropping out of school as a result of her being born with a large port wine stain on the right side of her face.  

But last night, Ms Towney revealed her new look to the Australian public with Karl Stefanovic on Channel nine, admitting that she had undergone thirteen laser correction procedures. 

Although hesitant to return after each session, she has stated that it was her family that motivated her to keep moving forward.

After these procedures, Chloe’s outlook and self appreciation has increased, “I love myself, this is the happiest i have been in my life” 

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