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Skin Allergy – Tattoo Removal

Tom looked down at his right elbow, the fresh tattoo that had only been completed one day ago in a Thai marketplace.   The detail from the bamboo was exquisite, but for some reason the skin around it was bubbling and oozing puss from the blisters. This was strange, but after leaving it for a few hours, Tom knew he had to do something about it. He searched Tattoo Removal Sydney on Google where one result stood out to him, and coincidently it was a five minute walk from his residence. After a consultation at Sydney’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic, his skin has returned to its normal condition without any blisters or skin conditions after only two procedures. 
With a lot of teens being gifted their first tattoo at age 18, many are ditching the conventional skull and crossbones for the new and bold designs that some say expresses their deeper individuality, whilst others say that it is a sign of rebellion against the constraints of society.  But as some of them may have been the result of a bad decision after a night out, some also tell a deeper story to its audience. Today’s millennial are choosing the common places of the hip and inner arms with a focus on the small but ultimately ridiculous trends storming the mass media. One trend that was sweeping across the world wide web in 2015 was the so-called ‘sunburn tattoo’ that saw dozens of teenagers sun bathing for prolonged periods whilst wearing cutout shapes to burn a pattern into their skin. 
In the last year, tattoo artists have reported some of the most common tattoos that they are fed up with doing include: infinity signs, symbols and words, animals and faces, flowers, and even shapes. The rise in laser tattoo removal at the Cosmetic Medical Clinic is a representation of the new trends and that tattoos are no longer being a permanent fixture of ones body, and in today’s modern society more are open to fixing what they do not like.
The team at the Cosmetic Medical Clinic have you covered for any change of heart with regards to tattoo enquiries. 
For more information regarding tattoo removal and procedures, visit: http://www.cmcnsw.com.au/our-services/fotona-qx-max-laser-tattoo-removal/