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Stretch Marks

Book your Stretch Marks removal procedure with the Cosmetic Medical Clinic Sydney. Stretch Marks are caused by a rapid gain in weight or girth which causes the collagen and elastin fibres in the dermis (middle layer of skin) to stretch and tear. The body responds by forming scar tissue, known as Stretch Marks or Striae, which appear through the epidermis (top layer of skin) in the form of purplish or reddish streaks, these marks usually turn lighter over time.

Who can get stretch marks?

Anyone can get them, although there is a strong hereditary influence and women are two-and-a-half-times more likely to develop them than men. They are common during pregnancy and can also appear at times of rapid growth, such as during puberty and adolescence. They can also be caused by rapid weight gain or loss, weight lifting, or even medications.

Stretch mark correction in Sydney

By far the best procedure for the removal of stretch marks is with CO2 lasers. We have the European made EXELO2 system, which safely and effectively treats stretch marks of varying degrees of severity. Stretch marks removal costs will also vary depending on the degree of severity so a consultation will be needed to attain an accurate quote.

EXELO2 – This is the gold standard in CO2 lasers – and in stretch mark removal  around the world.

To enquire about the procedure or about stretch marks removal prices at Sydney’s Cosmetic Medical Clinic, call 02 9211 6916 or fill out the form below to send us an online enquiry. We would love the opportunity to organise an obligation and fee free consultation on your procedure.

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