17th Jun


Skin Tags-Third Nipple
Hereditary traits are something that set everyone apart, from different eye and hair colour, to skin tone. Jerry was always self conscious about the skin tag right under his arm next to his nipple.
After careful research, he learned that the best option would be the Co2 Laser for tag removal and decided to undertake the procedure at CMC. His experience was surprisingly good. Jerry described that during the procedure he felt a gust of cool air going under his arm, making it cooler and giving an almost frozen like sensation, when given the opportunity to see the tag and check his wound, the wound was extremely clean with no blood and no pain. Jerry’s journey was extremely quick and painless, he continued on to say “I would have had it removed a long time ago if I knew it would be this easy and painless”.  After one procedure at the CMC, Jerry now has his skin tag removed, allowing him to engage in extracurricular activities without the third nipple. 
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