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16th Jun


Skin Allergy – Hubba Bubble

Skin Allergy – Hubba Bubble


Tattoos are constantly changing, from the methods to the places they are done. In some parts of the world people line up in the middle of a market before having them completed by an untrained and uncertified individual. The old man would ask if they would like the tattoo done with a metal pole, bamboo, or the needle machine…Tom chose to have the bamboo method. 

A week later, Tom discovered a change in his skin condition over the tattoo. The skin appeared to be bubbling, and extremely itchy. He found CMC on Pitt Street and decided to undertake  EXEL Co2 Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment that utilises a carbon dioxide laser to treat his skin condition. During the healing process the bubbles on the skin began to disappear over a number of days. The LED Light was extremely useful in his situation with aiding the healing process. After one procedure of the EXEL Co2 Skin Resurfacing procedure and LED Light Therapy at CMC NSW, his skin has returned to its normal condition without any dry Hubba Bubbles.  

Tom was relieved that the problem with his tattoo was resolved through skin resurfacing treatment. Although, he does often wonder what was on the other end of the bamboo. 

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