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Suzie’s Wonderful Experience:

Having suffered adult acne I was desperate to find help. My self esteem was at an all time low and my job as a long haul flight attendant meant I had to look my best however the environment I worked in (dry air) and lack of sleep proved to be a challenge.

I had visited several different clinics in Sydney all of which had recommended me products and incorrect form of treatment which in turn aggravated my skin and it sadly worsened. I was heartbroken thinking that no one could help me.

When I finally met Jenner, my life changed. Not only did Jenner help me, she always listened to me and took her time when treating me. A true perfectionist she was, leaving nothing untreated. Jenner introduced and treated me with Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing. 

Over the coming months my skin saw a drastic change, it was improving every day. My acne finally clearing up and my skin completely rejuvenated now had a glow. I used no product except for a simple secret remedy Jenner had told me about and yes it worked. 

Today I have my confidence back. I receive compliments about my skin on a daily basis, something which i never thought would happen to me. I honestly cannot thank Jenner and the team at CMC NSW enough for helping me and looking after me. At 32 years of age my skin is far nicer than when i was 22!